Saturday, October 30, 2010

Half Bath Pod Cast!!! Its here

Ladies and gentlmen, it is my pleasure to announce that HalfBathBlog is now Monitized and will be providing you with up to date contenet on the goings on of Rickey and the Half Bath team. Pod Cast is now avalable for download on iTunes. and make sure to follow us on twitter: @hermes_elalkimi. Happy B-Day Rickey (i just talked to myself) Love You Guys and look foward to a great 2011. GREAT TRIBULATION! 2012?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Its almost that time!

Hiya guys. I have to do really good this year and pay back all my debts. That would give me so much satisfaction to do...I miss the Lady and her Jamacan Ropes lol. CK. Well in any event its birthday weekend and...well thats that. Now to do be able to do this from the trusty phone, can someone help me with that?