Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Psychedelic Turn for the worst!

So according to youtube and a bunch of other, what one would imagine to be reliable, news sources. It is more effective for readers readers to enjoy you blog if you focus on a particular subject. I fifure, then, that I go with what I know... that being 1.) Tom Foolery 2.) Drugs....nuf said enjoy! Also let me than Team Spun for sponsoring HalfBath! Blog this month, and sponsoring I mean geting me where I need to be... You Know where that is I bet.
Also I dont own anything remotely resembling a video game...hum, guess that narrows it down quite a bit. ::dose to tounge:: world is base

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Half Bath Pod Cast!!! Its here

Ladies and gentlmen, it is my pleasure to announce that HalfBathBlog is now Monitized and will be providing you with up to date contenet on the goings on of Rickey and the Half Bath team. Pod Cast is now avalable for download on iTunes. and make sure to follow us on twitter: @hermes_elalkimi. Happy B-Day Rickey (i just talked to myself) Love You Guys and look foward to a great 2011. GREAT TRIBULATION! 2012?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Its almost that time!

Hiya guys. I have to do really good this year and pay back all my debts. That would give me so much satisfaction to do...I miss the Lady and her Jamacan Ropes lol. CK. Well in any event its birthday weekend and...well thats that. Now to do be able to do this from the trusty phone, can someone help me with that?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Get Him To The Greek - Jackie Q - Ring Round My Rosie Music Video

Please go see "Get Him To The Greek" DO IT NOW! "I'm talking about my ass hole lmao!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Celebrity Roast of Rachel Ray!

Ok so a few members of HalfBath! really like Rachel Ray. Apparently Rachel was on tour, and had her 2 the Jackson Convention Center. So they pay $69 to go and see the, Italian Drunk! and what happens.... 30 minutes! that it! what the fuck! No comments, no pictures, no hugs! So the collect a box of unused programs (the place was not packed lol) and we hosted out first annual celebrity roast! here are some pics......Enjoy lol

No Work Wednesdays

Good morrow People, This is Rickey. I moved out of Johns yesterday. The scene was set by and uncharacteristically strong rain (which seems to happen every time I moved out. I was picked up from work yesterday by my good friend and colleague, Natalie, who is the editor of the (now quarterly) Boom magazine. I got my usual tongue lashing about poor choices lol........

So I spent my first night in the new place with a house full, a jank air mattress (yes i use iCarly terms lol), and a full wardrobe of wet clothes. On the up side, I got to catch a Law & Order marathon on USA. It was overwhelmingly entertaining, to say the least, and the only bad thing was the butchering of the theme song, as they transitioned from series to series.

When I awoke this morning, to the ridged linoleum (the air mattress didn't make it....) I bided fairway to the lady and watch "Royal Pain" which certain people call "Rhoyal Pains" but I think this may be a new favorite of mine, especially due to the lack of channels sense the move .

Waited for the boss. Found a ride to work. Saw a local black owned business in flames, from the night before. And here I am now......

Be sure to stay tuned for a little second we like to call..... "Lunch Break"


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Me and Dr. Shields in full masonic regalia..... plotting to take over the world no less hohohohahahahhahaahahh, so I (Rickey) will past the blog on to Joe for the rest of the day! Buy guys, off to Pi Lounge!

Vote Rickey For Young and Free Ms: Take 2

Here Halfbath! team member Rickey, trying to tap dance for the man......$2500 a month ain't bad for......well......tap dancin' lol follow us on twitter @halfbath

Its officially been pased as half bath law....Rickey (if not wearing shoes) must always have tree like car air fresheners on at all exceptions, or he will loose his job @thatisall

Rickey doesn't leave the office for another 2 hours....he needs a ride home......he also wants to wish the blogaverse a happy cigarette day....he has already begun his celebration

HalfBath! member Rickey Wright has just informed us that his past times include; Poke'mon Red and blue, and matching with Italians!

Ah the summer... We @Halfbath have taken the week off from all things Work. The first order of business is to sink our teeth into the 70' made for TV movies named "Captains and the Kings" from the novel by Taylor Caldwell. It tells of the life and times of a one Joseph Francis Xavier Armagh and his rise to power and wealth...... here is how we prepared lol

Keep in mind that this was 8 hours of our lives...... better than "Roots" though

Live from Fondren Jackson Ms