Thursday, June 3, 2010

No Work Wednesdays

Good morrow People, This is Rickey. I moved out of Johns yesterday. The scene was set by and uncharacteristically strong rain (which seems to happen every time I moved out. I was picked up from work yesterday by my good friend and colleague, Natalie, who is the editor of the (now quarterly) Boom magazine. I got my usual tongue lashing about poor choices lol........

So I spent my first night in the new place with a house full, a jank air mattress (yes i use iCarly terms lol), and a full wardrobe of wet clothes. On the up side, I got to catch a Law & Order marathon on USA. It was overwhelmingly entertaining, to say the least, and the only bad thing was the butchering of the theme song, as they transitioned from series to series.

When I awoke this morning, to the ridged linoleum (the air mattress didn't make it....) I bided fairway to the lady and watch "Royal Pain" which certain people call "Rhoyal Pains" but I think this may be a new favorite of mine, especially due to the lack of channels sense the move .

Waited for the boss. Found a ride to work. Saw a local black owned business in flames, from the night before. And here I am now......

Be sure to stay tuned for a little second we like to call..... "Lunch Break"


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