Friday, January 21, 2011

A Were Off Again!

I have been in Houston sence October. I was kind enough to find shelter with a old friend from highschool... we were in the band together lol, Co Sections leaders and all. He put me up with his many roomates, and oh the adventures we had.
There is a mother father combo from New Orleans. The dad is the perfect example of a hard working bringer home of the bacon. He works every single day to to provide for his family.
The cool thing about the living situation is that everyone in the house are or were in the band at some point. So I spent my 23rd birthday here and Christmas and recently MLK. All in all a good time. the only set back is the face that living here greatly decreased my will to leave the house. Embarking on my new journey I will leave out all the negitive comments I have lol, soo look foward to that in about 6 months. Here are some designs ive created sense being here.
ok folks that will do for now. Im about to contenue to pack so I can be outta here in the morning. Fairwell house and lets start this new adventure.

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  1. Po' baby STILL doesn't proofread his designs before posting...